One commissioner quit the Plan Commission because the Colt project was not given the proper time frame for a review. Commissioner Marsey backed up that view.

So President Abu-Taleb continues his “success” at turning Oak Park into Schaumberg. He tells his board, “I want it,” and they say, “OK.” 

Many will say I have no right to comment because of my past opposition to excessive high-rise development. However, my concern is only about adequate review.

Another 20-story building! Traffic congestion, access to service alleys and remediation of toxic soil — all brought up by Rick McNamara — are legitimate concerns.

Yes, economic development is necessary. President Abu-Taleb says it is a necessity. The two concepts are not the same. His view of a necessity is bigger, larger, more congested … and property tax increases will follow — bank on it.

Rational economic development with an eye to aesthetics, moderate population growth, traffic congestion reduction, and proper review by the Plan Commission — these are necessary.

Robert Milstein

Former Oak Park trustee

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