Sheila Nix

An inside-the-Beltway website, The Hill, recently ran a feature on “The 50 Most Beautiful” D.C. insiders and one is an Oak Parker, Sheila Nix, who serves as chief of staff for Jill Biden, wife of the VP, Joe Biden, who is biding his time, so to speak, on whether to run for president in 2016. But if he does, Nix will be among the first to know.

According to the profile, she previously “worked for someone who may be more famous: Bono.” She was executive director of One Campaign, the advocacy group started by U2’s lead singer to address poverty and disease in Africa.

Nix was able to return to the continent last summer when Mrs. Biden made a three-nation trip to Africa to raise awareness about education for girls.

Nix, 53, splits time between Oak Park and Washington. She is married (her husband is a lawyer who works in Chicago) and they have three children.

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