At a July 7 meeting, the Oak Park District 97 Board of Education approved the 2015 list of hazardous crossings throughout the village. The list hasn’t changed in six years, according to the district. 

The Illinois School Code requires the board to conduct annual reviews of approved street and rail crossings, and to certify to the state superintendent of schools that crossings haven’t changed. 

According to the School Code, hazardous crossings are routes that students are required to walk that constitute serious hazards “due to vehicular traffic or rail crossings” or routes between students’ homes or schools, and bus stops or pick-up points, “along roads or streets where walking” constitutes a serious safety hazard “due to vehicular traffic or rail crossings.”

The 14 crossings designated hazardous by District 97 are within the vicinity of Holmes, Lincoln, Longfellow and Irving schools. All except the single Longfellow crossing, which is at the intersection of Madison and Ridgeland, are located near either Lake Street or the Eisenhower Expressway. 

The precise criteria for designating hazardous crossings isn’t yet clear. District 97 officials couldn’t be reached for comment by press time. 


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