Last week, I went with my husband to his dentist’s office, which is near Harlem and Lake. We went by taxi both ways.

We do not own a car. In order to get around, we use taxis, the Township bus, and the CTA.

In the taxi on the way home from the dentist, the driver mentioned that taxis are not allowed to “stand” in the parking lot by the train stations near Harlem and Lake anymore. We were surprised and shocked to hear this!

Most communities have taxi stands located near train stations, such as our “double” train stations of Metra and CTA at Harlem and Lake. Every day, we get lots of visitors to Oak Park via both trains. They are virtually stranded if no taxis are visible. Is this a good way to welcome visitors to our community?

Also, residents like us are accustomed to walking to the parking lot to get a cab home from downtown. It’s much easier and faster to do that rather than call for a cab and wait.

Elizabeth Rexford

Oak Park

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