The letter writer was not complimentary of the efforts of the volunteers who coordinate what has always been billed as Oak Park’s Diversity Parade. Might have been a titsch diverse for her tastes what with all the usual gay rights, black lives matter and gun control advocacy marchers who are seemingly all the letter writer noticed amidst the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, librarians, dance studios, OPRF marching band and the local paper who also marched right in front of her. She objected there was no representation of the red, white and blue, though the many pictures shot by our photographer contradict that observation.

A fair number of true blue, red and white Oak Parkers came to the comment boards to defend and celebrate the diversity evident in our local parade. This week we have a letter from the head of the Community Relations Commission inviting the letter writer to join the efforts and to solicit the active military, veterans groups and anyone else she believes is underrepresented on the parade course. A fair offer, we think.

We’d make one point to the commenters. We’re celebrating diversity here. So telling the critic they’ve moved to the wrong town and would be happier in rural Alabama, is not exactly broad-minded. Takes us back to the Vietnam era and all the “America: Love It or Leave It nonsense.” 

It takes all kinds of people to make a truly diverse village.

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