Veronica Belmonte

Veronica Belmonte, who has served more than 21 years as River Forest Township supervisor and trustee, will resign Monday night and the board is slated to fill the vacancy. 

“I find myself now in the same situation as many people with aging parents and grown children,” Belmonte said in a message. “My priorities need to be with my family. As much as I have enjoyed representing and being part of River Township Board both as the supervisor and now as a trustee, I need to focus and spend my time on family issues.”

According to state law, the only guideline in filling a vacancy is that it has to be done within 60 days of a resignation.

There is no process set out to name a replacement, and township trustees can nominate anyone they choose, said Patrick Deady, the township’s attorney.

“The board is not required by law to seek candidates for the position and conduct interviews,” he said.

It is the first time in recent memory that the township will appoint a trustee. The last time a vacancy was filled was when township Clerk Buff Martin resigned and Carla Sloan was named clerk. Sloan was elected supervisor in 2013 and Belmonte was elected trustee.

Efforts to reach Sloan were unsuccessful.

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