So let’s get this straight: While Governor Rauner is visiting his millions in the Cayman Islands this winter, senior citizens, whose heat assistance has been cut by the governor, will be freezing to death.

While the governor’s wife, children, and cronies, along with his honorable self, enjoy what Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick refers to as the “well-tanned life,” the hungry and the homeless, due to program cuts, will be truly — out in the cold.  

It is up to us, as citizens of this state, to make the governor and his cohorts know these cuts — targeting the disabled, seniors, low-income families, and all those in poverty — will not be tolerated.

Lately, much is being made of the fact that the governor, much of the time, cannot be found to caucus with legislators regarding legislation or to answer the questions the media ask him on behalf of Illinois voters. What, we may well inquire, is the governor afraid of? He does not need to fear winter heating bills, hunger, homelessness, or any of the dire consequences of his ill-considered budget cuts.

As the sun sets on the Cayman Islands, the governor can lean back in his comfy beach chair, in one of his many polo shirts, and admire his bankbooks.

Mary Young

Oak Park

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