For more than a century, Rush Oak Park Hospital has been dedicated to providing exceptional and compassionate health care to its surrounding community. Along with our excellent health care services, we also offer and provide numerous community outreach programs both on and off campus, including health education classes, support groups, and screenings for common health problems for all adult ages. 

To ensure the community’s comfortable access to our many services and programs, we have, over the years, upgraded our facilities, which also accommodate new medical technologies. That’s why Rush Oak Park Hospital is adding an additional flat-surface parking lot on hospital-owned property east of its main structure. This employee-only parking expansion will help significantly reduce the number of staff parking on residential streets due to a daily overflow of cars in our parking garage, relieve associated traffic in the neighborhood, and allow easier access to the hospital for our patients, their families and other visitors. 

Prior to construction, a letter, along with a detailed question-and-answer sheet, was sent out to our neighbors who would be directly affected by the parking lot. The information explained our need to expedite the construction due to current overflow of parking on and off campus. We also addressed the logistics of the entrance/exit to the new parking lot. The lot will be designed to prevent traffic on the residential streets. Employees will access the lot off Wisconsin Avenue via Madison Street. We felt it was in the best interest of the neighborhood to limit access to the new lot. 

We wanted to avoid construction of an additional parking garage building on this site due to its proximity to the surrounding neighborhood. 

The mission of Rush is to provide the best health care for the individuals and diverse communities we serve through the integration of outstanding patient care, education, research, and community partnerships. As our community and health care continue to evolve, so will Rush Oak Park Hospital. We owe it to the community we serve. 

We hope that a visit to Rush Oak Park Hospital finds you pleased with the services and/or programs we offer, and that we’re able to help you maintain excellent health.

Bruce Elegant


Rush Oak Park Hospital

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