Of all the made-up food holidays (National Pie Day, National Sandwich Day, etc.), National Beef Month has to be near the top of my list.  As I am an overfed American, I hardly ever crave anything…except beef. Sometimes, my gut cries out for it. I’m fine with beef having had an entire month of celebration, and those 30 days of observance end today.

Today, to add a juicy cap to the holiday season, all Buona locations are serving up half-priced classic sandwiches. All day long, the following seven-inch sandwiches are going for prices we haven’t seen in a while:

  • $2.87      for Italian beef sandwich
  • $2.25      for Italian sausage sandwich
  • $3.25      for combo sandwich

The Berwyn Buona location is actually the original, the #1 store, opened in 1981. Joe Buonavolanto dug the foundation himself, took some guidance from his Uncle Junior, who owned Mr. Beef downtown, stuck to it, got his family involved, and now there are 14 Buona locations, including one in Oak Park. 

At the Berwyn location, there’ll be a Buona Food Truck parked in the lot where, if you take a chance at the prize wheel, you could win free beef for a year.

National Beef Month, we salute you!


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