Although we’re still technically in the “doldrums” of the movie year, the Lake Theatre continues to try to squeeze in better-than-average fare for Oak Park film buffs. Tomorrow night (May 9), for instance, in honor of Mental Health Month (which May is), The Lake presents a one-night showing of the documentary Walking Man: No One Does It Alone. The 70-minute film will be followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A. 

Here’s the description: “After a Missouri high school loses three students to suicide, Mark Norwine (a mental health advocate) embarks on a 200-mile walk across the state, seeking to educate students and better understand the epidemic for himself. Mark is joined by his son, Eric, but when the road proves difficult, father and son must confront their own mental health struggles, which they’ve kept secret for so long. Endorsed by universities and mental health organizations across the U.S., Walking Man is an honest look at one family’s journey with mental illness.”

Considering that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental disorder, this might be worth the journey.

Meanwhile, starting Friday and running for just one week, is Ex Machina, described as a “crafty little sci-fi thriller,” about a female artificial intelligence experiment. It’s a small-budget film (made for a “mere” $13 million) which has been garnering solid reviews from critics.

In other words, an antidote to Avengers-style excess.

But it’s only for one week.

Ken Trainor

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