Our knives always need sharpening. We usually don’t discover this until we’re cutting something and realize that the knife we’re using – and in fact all our knives – are dull. Usually, after making that discovery, we proceed to finishing cutting whatever it was we were cutting and promptly forget about our dull knives until the next time we need to cut something.

Last week, I was invited to test drive some self-sharpening knives.

The knives are made by Calphalon, and the way they work is that the slots in the knife-holding block contain ceramic sharpeners so that every time a knife is removed or replaced in the block, the blade slides along the sharpeners, which automatically sharpen the knife, the literature says, “at the correct angle.”

Now, I know how to use a knife sharpener (though, alas, I rarely do) but the idea that I can have knives that are always correctly sharpened, through almost no effort on my part (except for the effort required to put the knives away) is very appealing.

We’ve had the Calpahlon self-sharpening knife only one week, so I can’t say for sure if this device works, but it seems like it should, and I absolutely love the idea of it.

I’ll keep you posted on whether the knives stay sharp as time goes by without any more care than is required to slip them back into the knife-sharpening block.

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David Hammond

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