Dear Community,

Congratulations to all who have been elected in the local elections, held on April 7. We are fortunate to have the collective expertise and enthusiasm of our newly elected officials as they face the challenges ahead. 

As each board moves forward, we must remember that our property tax bill is the sum of all taxing agencies. When we make decisions, we must think beyond our own board’s budget and think of the cumulative impact on our residents. As we move forward, I have a few thoughts I would like to share:

Let’s plan together and partner: We should continue our IGOV meetings with a renewed emphasis on each governing body detailing finances and future needs. 

Let’s be creative and capitalize on technology and the successes of others: Let us look to other communities anywhere in the world for creative solutions. The world is changing rapidly around us and we must keep up and become more efficient.

Let’s debate … but then decide: We have to listen to competing ideas, consider their pros and cons, and then promptly make the best decision for our community.

We can work together to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our village, our school districts, our library, and our park district. 


Anan Abu-Taleb

Oak Park Village President

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