I have known Jennifer Cassell for many years and have found her to have leadership qualities that excel in many ways. One of them is when she spearheaded a scholarship fund for teachers at Proviso high schools. She helped to support their further education so it would benefit the kids. The result is that the Proviso Math and Science Academy is fourth in the state. She would hold her monthly meetings at the 19th Century Club and also supported the club’s charitable goals.

I think it is important that we have an African American voice on the District 200 board and one who also has a child in the school. It is what keeps us in touch with all factions of the community.

Jennifer is a successful attorney and knows what it is like to pull herself up by her bootstraps and play by the rules, but also to create an atmosphere of fairness for all. She has no ax to grind and wants to give back to her community. I see her as one of the future leaders of Oak Park.

I ask community residents to vote for Jennifer Cassell and help create a truly diverse board for D200! 

Mila Tellez

Oak Park

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