While I respect and thank Sharon Patchak-Layman for her years of service to Oak Park, I am instead supporting Jennifer Cassell, along with Fred Arkin and Sara Dixon Spivy, in the upcoming District 200 school board election. In order to make progress and solve problems, teams must be able to respectfully acknowledge each other’s different viewpoints while finding common ground to move forward. Unfortunately, Ms. Patchak-Layman can be divisive and this wastes time and resources that could be otherwise used to advance D200. 

I also think it’s important to increase the diversity of the school board by adding Jennifer Cassell’s voice as an African American parent, attorney, and teacher. The bottom line is that as an Oak Park citizen and taxpayer, I want thoughtful, talented board members who can work well with others and get things done; that is what we will get by electing Jennifer Cassell, Fred Arkin, and Sara Dixon Spivy.

Derrick Fluegge 

Oak Park 

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