Let’s take the politics out of politics by electing Patty Henek and Sue Conti to the River Forest Village Board on April 7.

We have the rare opportunity to elect two village trustees who have long stood head and shoulders above politics. Instead of being captives of a rigid political ideology that bears little relation to how the world actually works, Henek and Conti both use a fact-based approach to governing. I have been very impressed at how Village Trustee Sue Conti has carefully researched the issues before the board and uses the facts and common sense to guide her votes. I’ve never seen her play politics when she votes.

Patty Henek’s independence from rigid political ideology reflects her involvement in so many local activities, from the now legendary LemonAid to her service as president of the Lincoln School PTO and as a District 90 PTO committee chair and member of the 2006 referendum committee. I’ve discussed many local issues with Patty and have been impressed with how she listens to, and considers all sides of, an issue and has the courage to act on her decision without regard to politics.

They may be the shortest candidates for the River Forest Village Board, but Sue Conti and Patty Henek certainly do stand head and shoulders above the rest. That’s why I’m voting for them, and only them for village trustee on April 7.

Now if only we can elect some people like them to Congress too.

Dan Lauber

River Forest

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