Members of the Oak Park Arts District responded to Wednesday Journal's coverage of struggling businesses on Harrison with the hashtag #OPADAliveandKicking. Photo provided by Oak Park Arts District.

This week’s story about struggling businesses in the arts district on Harrison Street created a stir with members of the Oak Park Arts District, who say the district is “Alive and Kicking.”

The story by Wednesday Journal contributor Deb Quantock McCarey posed the question: “Is the arts district dying?” OPAD members responded with the hashtag #OPADAliveandKicking.

Member M.G. Bertulfo, of Taleblazers, Creative Writing Workshops for Kids, at 331 Harrison St., says in an email that the story overlooks “the flourishing children’s arts education scene, other writers and artists, cafes, loyal community members, health care, and, yes, pet care, too.”

But don’t take our word for it. Here are a batch of photos provided by Bertulfo. And you can check out the arts district for yourself and sign up for their newsletter announcing events at

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