Oak Park Chief of Police Rick Tanksley’s former home has been scheduled to be sold Feb. 20 in a foreclosure sale.

A judge ordered it sold at auction after the redemption period expired Jan. 29. The foreclosure sale was publicized in a classified ad in Wednesday Journal on Feb. 11.

A judgment for foreclosure and sale was filed Oct. 28, 2014 in Cook County Circuit Court. The property at 1048 N. Euclid Ave. has indebtedness of $709,751, plus almost $10,000 in interest, court costs and attorney’s fees.

Tanksley turned over the property to his former wife, Janice, via a quit claim deed last February. She and Tanksley divorced in December 2013 after 34 years of marriage.

Tanksley has in the past commented briefly on the contentious litigation related to his divorce, including the fact that his divorce decree required that he and his ex-wife cooperate in preparing the property for what is termed a short sale.

According to documents Tanksley provided Wednesday Journal last summer, his former wife has not cooperated in that process.

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