Wondering how to keep (expensive!) cold-weather clothes in good shape and at the ready for the next deep freeze? Oak Parker and stylist Suze Solari has some helpful tips.

  • To avoid holey sweaters: Moth worms are to blame for those little round holes in your cashmere and lamb’s-wool pieces. These critters are attracted to food, perfume and bacteria, so the trick to thwarting them is to clean garments before storing them. For added protection, use a few cedar blocks or herbal moth repellent sachets.
  • To avoid stretching knits: Fine knits keep their shape best when folded and stacked on shelves or in a drawer (no more than three deep). Heavier-gauge knit garments can be hung on padded hangers. Bonus tip: Check your knits for pilling and clean them up so they’re ready for next season.

For more of Suze’s tips visit her post on PureWow. 

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Suze Solari

Suze Solari is a Wardrobe Consultant, fashion writer and new author of the ebook: The T Shirt & Jeans handbook, Stylish Upgrades for your daily Uniform. Suze is known for helping her clients achieve...

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