State Rep. LaShawn Ford is moving forward with legislation in Springfield that would have Illinois calling on Congress to pass federal legislation regulating the appearance of toy guns.

 He, along with a legislator in Ohio, are pushing common-sense regulation that would force manufacturers to produce toy guns, BB guns, replica guns with certain colors that would make clear they are a toy. This follows, of course, the police shooting of a 12-year-old in Cleveland who was goofing around in a park with a toy gun.

The problem here is that there are already some regs in place for toy guns that some kids — being kids — override with some paint or, in this case by removing a bright orange ring that the manufacturer had installed.

So while we are supportive of this effort by Ford, it needs fine-tuning. More than that, though, we need to face the truth that a kid in inner-city America who takes the orange ring off his gun is in far more danger than a kid in Naperville who does exactly the same thing.

Our cities are overrun with guns. The tensions between cops and citizens that exist in such circumstances must be addressed, since we lack the courage to deal with the scourge of the guns in the first place.

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