Very few Chicago suburbs went unscathed in writer Matt Lynch’s Dec. 2 “investigation” of villages and townships that “suck.” Oak Park, even with its architecture, eco-consciousness and commitment to diversity, made the list. 

“Looking to start a family, but have a part of you that still desperately wants to cling to some semblance of city life?” Lynch wrote. “Oak Park has a single family home waiting for you at the low price of…wait, it just went up another 50K.”

River Forest and Forest Park, however, happened to miss Lynch’s jabs. Nearby Berwyn, unfortunately, did not.

“Remember in Mean Girls, when Gretchen kept trying to make “fetch” happen, only it wasn’t ever going to happen? Shut up, you know you do,” Lynch wrote. “Well, Berwyn is the “fetch” of suburbs.”


Unfamiliar with Gretchen and “fetch”? Jump in my time machine to 2004 (courtesy of YouTube). 

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