Ed McDevitt chides the arguments against taverns in Oak Park [Stop bullying people with fearful nonsense, Viewpoints, Nov. 19] for being illogical and fear-mongering.

Plenty of statistics are available about alcohol. Have you not, Mr. McDevitt and dear villagers, known a family where pretty much everyone was taken down by the drinking habits of one member? Marriages broken by alcohol, children left out while adults fight, alcohol turning into drug use? All these people are real facts, already around us, clear and available.

My daughter lives in Broad Ripple, a charming upscale neighborhood of Indianapolis. Since taverns were allowed there, the whole downtown of Broad Ripple has become a downgraded strip where young people come to get drunk. The taverns do bring in money, which gives power to the tavern owners, and so there’s no going back.

Oak Park is working well, a desirable place to live. Is there a need, other than money, for taverns here? A shortage of taverns in the area? Logic would say if something is working, leave it alone. And if something is known to be dangerous, don’t pursue it unless desperate.

“I have no position on whether or not Oak Park should license taverns,” says Mr. McDevitt. Then, I say, use your logic in support of maintaining a way of life in Oak Park that is healthy, upscale, and beautiful.

 Marti Matthews

Oak Park

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