The three pillars of the evidence-based modern science of gun ownership are a trained and armed citizenry, disarmed crimis and DMIs (criminals and the dangerous mentally ill) and an individual 8-foot bubble for the gun control crowd (no guns within 4 feet of their person at all times).

Proponents of the modern science of gun ownership and use are pro-choice, since they support the choice of citizens to own guns, be trained in safe firearm-handling and to use firearms in a safe, responsible and legal manner for hunting, target shooting and self-defense.

Followers of the faith-based religion of modern gun control are essentially pro-life, since they decide how everyone else should live their lives. The three pillars of this religion are beliefs in the assault weapon ban, the 10-round clip and the universal check.  (Please Google Bloomberg/Moms to confirm that the three pillars haven’t been recently changed as guided by current political trends.)

Now that the non-binding, advisory gun control referendum has been passed, we can get on to the business of actually doing something about gun violence. What is easiest to do usually gets done first.

In December 2013, Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Penn.), a clinical psychologist by training, proposed legislation to get the DMIs off the street and treated. The bipartisan support for this very legitimate, effective and non-controversial bill was blocked by the House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi — because she didn’t want the Republicans to have something positive to run on in the 2014 elections.

We propose that the village of Oak Park look into implementing some of the mental health reforms included in Rep. Murphy’s bill.

We don’t have to hide behind “weak laws in neighboring states,” “massive, uncontrolled, illegal sales at flea markets and over the Internet” or “DMIs have rights.” Rep. Murphy’s bill has already resolved some of these issues to the satisfaction of members of both parties in Congress.

Oak Park has already done something about gun violence.

Do we really want to use this as an excuse to stop here and avoid doing anything about gun violence?

Any questions, call John Erickson (708-848-0742) or Dave Schweig (708-383-3850).

John Erickson

Oak Park

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