Don Harmon’s recent piece in the Wednesday Journal on lessons learned from the recent election shows that he learned no lessons [Lesson for Gov.-Elect Rauner, General Assembly, Viewpoints, Nov. 19]. 

The suburban Cook County voters who voted for Rauner, like myself, did so because this state’s monolithic Democratic Party failed to address the single most important issue facing Illinois — its fiscal health. Illinois state government cannot live within its means despite a large income tax increase that was sold to the voters as “temporary.” Moreover, nothing serious was done to solve the state’s pension crisis. 

Voting for Pat Quinn, no matter how “honest, decent, and hard-working,” promised more of the same. I suspect we would have seen a change in the leadership of the legislature, too, had every Illinois voter been given the opportunity to vote on the job performance of Mike Madigan and John Cullerton. 

Mr. Harmon opens his piece with a hackneyed quote from Winston Churchill and ends his piece assuring us that he is in touch with the voters because he has spoken with hundreds of Oak Parkers. Oak Park’s Village President Anan Abu-Taleb (from the same Wednesday Journal issue), who has committed to speaking with thousands of Oak Parkers, wisely reminds us that “taxpayers are not an unlimited resource” and “[government] is not an all-you-can-eat buffet.” 

Ross Molho

Oak Park

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