As a senior citizen, age 70, I notice the city of Chicago wants a lot more than a 1.7 percent increase in water rates. Why do I mention 1.7 percent? That is the increase in Social Security for 2015. But the village wants a 100 percent increase in the fixed part and over 9 percent in the variable part. 

Based on a monthly cost of $50, that might be an increase of about $3+$4 = $7! Of course, seniors have other increases too in Medicare supplements. Based on Social Security income of $1,000 per month, the increased revenues will be $17, but water alone will snatch $7! The water alone makes the calculation for inflation absurd, and for most seniors a lot of other income is needed. Of course, at my age I might live 27 years according to my IRA advisors. But for seniors with savings, one might get 0.2 percent interest. Even if one had $300,000 saved, the revenue would be $600 (not even enough to maintain any kind of home in Oak Park). 

So unless a senior is very adept, that means spend-down and eventual bankruptcy and/or death. Somehow I am thinking this is why we will have a new governor. Obviously there is no light at the end of life (other than the one given by God). This is why I am not interested in fancy swimming pools for schools because more infrastructure costs means more taxes for maintenance. 

Hey kids, jog! I paid for you to attend public school for about 35 years, and that is more than enough. But most of you left and paid no dividends to Oak Park (there have been some exceptions).

Murrell Selden

Oak Park

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