Sean Sredl

Sean Walton Sredl, 28, died in his Riverside home on Oct.25, 2014, after a brief but hard-fought battle with cancer. 

Growing up, he was always filled with a wonder of life that frequently manifested itself as running around and seeking the next great adventure. Sean was intensely smart, especially excelling in math and music. From a young age, he took to playing piano and was able to obtain a rare mastery of music, especially with improvisation. 

He was a graduate of Riverside-Brookfield High School and studied economics at Grove City College. After his studies, he returned home and began to work at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park. 

Mr. Sredl was loved by his co-workers and patron and was known for his warm smile, eagerness to help and friendly demeanor. He had an active social life and outside of work, he enjoyed maintaining connections with college friends and those back home. 

His life was filled with willingness to give wholly of himself and his compassion for those in need. Even as he struggled with cancer, he continued to learn and to teach what it means to care, to fight and to love to the fullest. 

A funeral service was held at Calvary Memorial Church, on Oct. 29. Interment was at Queen of Heaven Cemetery.

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