Oak Park village trustees continued their work at a Monday night meeting, hearing testimony on a number of issues of importance to residents. Here’s a quick review of the issues on the roster.

Water rates

Trustees heard first reading of a proposed ordinance that would increase water and sewer rates 9.2 percent, or 88 cents per 1,000 gallons to a total of $10.40 per 1,000 gallons. The rate increase also would include a fixed customer charge of $5 to $460 per month. The current fixed charge for most customers is $2 per month.

In part, local governments are pushing through to consumers the costs of steep water rate increases coming from the city of Chicago.

Trustees did not take action on the proposal, which is expected to generate $2.4 million in revenue in fiscal year 2015.

The rate increase follows a 12.5 percent increase in fiscal year 2014.

Trustee Peter Barber voiced concerns about the size of the rate increase.

Traffic on Lake

Department of Public Works officials brought forth a recommendation that the village reinstall pedestrian push button signals at crosswalks along Lake Street between Harlem and Oak Park Avenue.

The proposal would cost about $6,000 to purchase the push button signals and roughly $13,500 to install.  The push buttons were removed in 2011to make the area more pedestrian friendly, but the change has resulted in added traffic congestion in the area.

Trustee Andrea Ott pushed for the proposed change to be forwarded to the Disability Access Commission for consideration.

World class architecture

Oak Park-based architects Eric Davis and Garret Eakin – recently appointed to the village’s Plan Commission – made an impassioned plea to village trustees to find an architect of national significance for construction of the proposed School District 97 administrative office at 260 Madison St.

“As an architect and a teacher of architecture who lives here, it is frustrating that we keep missing opportunities to expand our treasure trove of truly world-class work, to bring new designers here, creating more things for tourists to see, and reasons for those who’ve been here and done that to return,” Davis told trustees.

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