There are well over 20,000 gun laws in the USA! Are you surprised? Don’t be; lots of good people over the years have found out the vast majority of them make some people feel good and do very little if anything to curb gun violence. Why not? Because the problem is attacked where it doesn’t exist!

The antigun zealots refuse to deal directly and honestly with the issue. They much prefer to call themselves “gun responsibility advocates” (GRA) and talk mishmash while saying the rest of us “gun rights advocates” have no sense of a moral imperative. 

Ask any of the GRA about violent crime now about 50% lower as law-abiding citizens have tripled their gun ownership, or the CDC issuing their study and referring to us (the good guys) stopping crime about seven times more than “bad guys” cause it, or the 100% failure of the $2.7 billion Canadian registration scheme to find even one criminal (that is why Canada junked it), or President Obama at the UN asking for support against ISIS and ISIL saying, “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force,” or a few days ago in Canada the sergeant-at-arms of the parliament shoots and kills a terrorist (which gets him a standing ovation from the members of parliament).

So do you want to vote for a referendum that recommends incredible intrusion into your life, violates existing federal law, would cost billions to administer and wouldn’t work (remember Canada)?

Your choice. (Call me anytime to verify what I have said: 708-383-3850.)

Dave Schweig

Oak Park  

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