I appreciate Sandra Shimon [Laws cover everyone, not just ‘bad guys’, Viewpoints, Oct. 15] taking the time to present the best case yet for voting “Yes” on the universal background checks/no exceptions referendum (UBC/ne)

I am reminded of Dirty Harry’s famous statement, “Go ahead, make my day!” If you think the referendum will in any way decrease gun violence, go ahead, make your statement — because that is all you will be doing, making a statement.

I am amused that after a dozen meetings with the “Dave Schweig group,” all she took away was that we group members don’t want to be inconvenienced by ineffective gun laws!

I participated in the meetings because I really looked forward to hearing what the other side of the gun issue had to say about how to stop gun violence, since I certainly did not have all the answers. I found out that I had a lot better understanding of the gun violence issue than I gave myself credit for.

At the start of the meetings, the Acolytes of Mayor Bloomberg/Moms (aka, the gun responsibilitists), proposed the holy trinity of faith-based modern gun control: assault weapons bans, universal background checks and 10-round clip limitations. And Dave Schweig’s group was interested in hearing what they had to say about stopping gun violence.

At the end of the meetings, we in Dave’s group had learned a lot about gun violence and what to do next. And the acolytes apparently learned nothing because they still supported exactly the same trinity of beliefs as they did at the start of the meetings! We realized they not only had nothing else to offer as far as stopping gun violence but their sole interest was getting us to fully agree with their beliefs!

Unlike the acolytes, all of the Dave Schweig group were, and are, intensely interested in decreasing gun violence, which is perpetrated almost exclusively by criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. That is why the Dave Schweig group members are opposed to ineffective laws that distract attention from the actual problem of gun violence.

So if you want to merely feel good about yourself, and are not interested in actually stopping gun violence, go ahead, make your statement. Vote “Yes” on the referendum because it will have no impact on gun violence!

If anyone wishes to discuss this issue further with me, feel free to give me a call me, 708-848-0742.

John Erickson

Oak Park

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