I promised to list five lies, assertions, obfuscations and non-sense that the low-information, self-identified “Gun Responsibility Advocates” repeatedly state as fact, which is slippery non-sense. But before I do that, ask yourself if these self-styled hysterical people are insulting your intelligence by saying things you know not to be true.

Totally non-sensical assertion #1 by our dedicated zealots: From 30 or so years ago, they started screaming literally that as honest, law-abiding citizens were buying guns in increasing quantity, blood would be flowing in ever-increasing amounts because law-abiding people would be shooting each other more and more. You don’t hear that non-sense anymore. Why not? Golly gee, could it be that as private, law-abiding citizens increased their ownership of guns by 300%, from about 100,000,000 firearms to about 300,000,000 firearms, violent crime (you know, murder, rape, armed assault) according to the FBI and Justice Dept. went down about 50%. Don’t believe it? Not convinced? It must be a lie? Use your computer and check it out.

Non-sense #2: Mr. Trainor says let’s give universal background checks a chance because we have never had a “unified nationwide system.” He is right that it has never existed in this country but as usual he will only tell you the part of the story that favors his viewpoint. Ask him about the complete failure of the Canadian nationwide registration system of gun registration put into effort by a liberal government to help solve crimes and $2.7 billion, and 11 years later it was junked as useless and a total waste of taxpayer money! It failed to help solve even one crime. Why is that when Canada was the perfect experiment with so many similarities between our citizens?

Non-sense #3: Starting 25-30 years ago, the “Brady Bunch” alleged thousands of children died annually from gun violence. The truth was they lied about what is a “child.” Their age to no longer be a child was 26! You say how come? Well ask them why they didn’t tell you that age 26 was used because auto insurance companies lowered rates at age 26.

Non-sense #4: Ask them why, when one of their favorite federal entities, the Centers for Disease Control published its paper on handgun violence last year, the organization indicated that handguns were used about seven times more by law-abiding citizens to prevent crime than criminals used them to perpetrate crimes.

Non-sense #5: Why, can’t you understand that your side’s position wants to limit ownership of guns that accept magazines, not clips? I personally explained the difference to you repeatedly. Please try to be accurate on this simple point.

Well, there are five out of easily 10-15 non-sensical, deceitful statements.

If you think I am lying why not call me (708-383-3850) and let us dialogue.

The question, dear reader, you must ask yourself before you vote on this incredibly grammatically difficult to understand referendum is, does it make sense and serve a useful purpose?

David Schweig is an Oak Park resident.

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