In the brown woven basket on the front desk at the Wednesday Journal office, you’ll find coupons for discounts on all kinds of stuff in the Village…including food at Sergio’s Place.

Into the basket I recently dropped off a few dozen 15% discount cards for use at Sergio’s Place. Sergio gave me a fistful of them when I ate at his restaurant last week. I liked Sergio’s Place, so I thought it’d be good to make it easier on your pocketbook for you to eat there, too, if you wanted [].

You can just walk up to the front desk at the Wednesday Journal office, say hi to the nice receptionist, and grab a coupon or two.

I do ask, however, that if you use a coupon to get a discount at Sergio’s, please post here and tell us how you liked it (or how you didn’t like it…though I think that’s an unlikely outcome).

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David Hammond

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