A British publication put Oak Park’s Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio on its list of 50 things to do in North America.

At number 30 on the Telegraph’s list of North American attractions, Chicago is lauded for its architecture and readers are encouraged to visit the home and studio of “arguably America’s most influential architect.”

The list of notable North American sites starts with, as one might guess, our nation’s capital. 

“See what you see on the TV news: the White House and the National Mall,” writes the lists authors Paul Wade and Kathy Arnold. The number of educational tours and free musuems in Washington DC are some of the reasons for its top spot.

The point of lists, of course, is to rank items. But it’s hard to tell whether the U.S. attractions on the Telegraph’s list were randomly ordered or not. Honestly, I would much rather “Relax on Cape Cod” (#41) than “Go to a big fight (#18) in Las Vegas.

But that is entirely subjective.

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