From the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Chicago Police Dept., and the Chicago Breaking News Center, by way of Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, Thursday edition:

In the city of Chicago, the following people were killed, Sept. 18-30:  

Kamaal Burton, 18; Devonshay Lofton, 16; Leon Austin, 21; Dimitre Beck, 21; Cortez Rivers, 16; Markise Darling, 19; Davontae Harrison, 21; Richard Johnson, 34; Mondele Heard, 20; Arthur Hearn, 88; Deandre Ellis, 22; Jose Rios, 23; Malachi Baldwin, 27; Leroyce Noel, 20; Demureya Macon, 13; Miguel Hernandez, 24; Victoria Kotlinski, 7; Ania Kozinska, 34; Stanley Macon Jr., 25; Shandel Adams, 25; and Camerion Blair, 16.

Keep their families and others touched by violence in your thoughts and prayers — and the impact the violence will have on the perpetrators’ lives as well.

Submitted each week by Mary Marling, Elizabeth Scanlon, and Kathleen Clark of the Unity Temple Unitarian/Universalist congregation where the names are read aloud at Sunday services.

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