Alley-Side II (Photo courtesy of Tim Leeming)

Tim Leeming is not only an attorney and public defender. He’s also an artist, and lately an alley artist. Recently he completed a project of “Oak Park winter and alley-scape” paintings that will be on exhibit at the Oak Park Senior Center, 130 S. Oak Park Ave. in October. A reception is planned for tonight, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. Granted, not many painters turn alleys for inspiration, especially in Oak Park with its world-class architecture, but Leeming is not your ordinary painter (or lawyer). He’s also a very funny guy.

The exhibit, featuring telephone poles, garages and dumpsters, all in oil, is called “Oak Park Cool! Images,” i.e. “from one of the coldest winter on record in Oak Park. Alley-Side II, meanwhile, a series of alley landscapes, will be on view this Saturday, Oct 4 at Kinderhook Tap, 800 S. Oak Park Ave. Reception at 7 p.m.

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