Thank you, Tom Holmes, for writing such beautiful articles on Sr. Teresita Weind. I grieve that I missed her reception, the retreat, and the treat of hearing her preach on Sunday at St. Kate’s. As I read your articles, I sobbed, because this story is so important locally and globally. 

Brava, Teresita, for your ministries, grounded courage and spirit. You embody the ministry of Jesus. He was spirit-filled and radically inclusive! 

Jesus embodied the two profound teachers of human life; great love and great suffering. He began a shift in human consciousness that you and many of us embrace. We can call it the new wave. 

Braxton, the Catholic hierarchy and the patriarchy are part of the old wave, and they are in a desperate, dark decline. They are afraid of losing control, and they are thrashing in an attempt to maintain their pseudo-power. At some level, it’s all ludicrous, and not real. 

Love is real. 

We are the church!

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