Oak Park, IL (September 10, 2014) – The National Football League’s recent decision to suspend Ray Rice following the release of a video portraying domestic violence acts has left many in our community wondering what they can do to help end domestic violence. As the domestic violence agency serving West Cook County, this October Sarah’s Inn will launch Domestic Violence Action Month for the communities we serve.

“Along with our local and national partners, the Sarah’s Inn community is hard at work to deliver services to survivors of domestic violence and their children, and to help transform institutional cultures of all kinds that blame victims and ignore violence occurring where people should be the most safe: in their homes and intimate partner relationships,” says Carol Gall, Executive Director of Sarah’s Inn. “We are also grateful for local school and community organizations that embrace our philosophy of prevention, helping us to create an educated, nonviolent generation of youth and a future free of domestic violence.”

You Can Make a Difference During Domestic Violence Action Month!

As part of the nationwide Domestic Violence Awareness Month efforts, each day during the month of October Sarah’s Inn will publish one way that the community can make a difference to end domestic violence. To receive these updates, please “like” Sarah’s Inn on Facebook at

Take Action Now to End Domestic Violence!

Ready to take action now? These are ways you can help:

Connect someone who needs help with services at Sarah’s Inn:

One in four women in the United States experiences domestic violence at some point during her lifetime and domestic violence also affects men. You can make a difference by helping spread the word about our 24-hour crisis line at 708-386-4225. Anyone in the community who is affected by domestic violence can call this phone number to receive support and information about counseling, legal advocacy, and other resources available at Sarah’s Inn for both adults and children. Services at Sarah’s Inn are free, confidential, and available in English and Spanish.

Donate to your local domestic violence agency:

Support from individuals is essential for domestic violence agencies to continue to offer free services and develop innovative programs.  At Sarah’s Inn, we welcome both financial and in-kind donations. To donate or learn more, please visit our website at

Join our volunteer network: 

Sarah’s Inn is currently in need of 24-hour crisis line and childcare volunteers. To learn more, please visit our website at

Learn more about Sarah’s Inn and the domestic violence movement: Attend one of our training sessions or invite Sarah’s Inn to your workplace, community organization, faith community, or club. To learn more, please contact Colleen Sutkus, Director of Training and Education, at or 708-386-3305 x1026.  


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