From the U.S. Dept. of Defense via

Remember the sacrifices by U.S. soldiers whose lives were lost in Afghanistan between Aug. 16 and Sept. 5, 2014. 

Matthew Leggett, 39; Christopher Mulalley, 26; Brian Arsenault, 28.

Remember their families and the families of all soldiers lost, as well as those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan who need our help. Remember, too, the civilians lost in violence in conflicts around the world.

From the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Chicago Police Dept., and the Chicago Breaking News Center, by way of Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, Thursday edition:

In the city of Chicago, the following people were killed Aug. 14 to Sept. 1: 

LaDarryl Walters, 23; Walter Neely, 25; Shaquise Buckner, 16; Damian Rodrigues, 21; Jason Seballos, 16; Kardeon Glover, 26; Amy Holmes-Sterling, 29; Seadl Commings, 27; Joel Wade, 20; Dorval Jenkins, 19; Hsin Su, 84; Antonio Smith, 9; Michael Clark, 52; Jadon Johnson, 21; Andre Byrd, 33; Victor Martinon, 17; Marcus McCarty, 14; Amelio Johnson, 22; James McCoy, 30; Quentin Graham, 40; Joseph Lewis, 23; Arthur Shanklin, 32; Antonio Goode, 19; Erenbira Pimental-Hernandez, 38; Antonio Hobson, 34; Johnny White, 36; Darius Sept, 34; Ernesto Garcia, 57; Paul Land, 29; Victor Ramirez, 23; Oscar Rodriguez, 22

Keep their families and others touched by violence in your thoughts and prayers, including the perpetrators, whose lives are also impacted by their violence.

The following list is sent by the Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrants:

Remember the 24 immigrant detainees at the McHenry County Jail last week. They are from Belize, Bosnia, Brazil, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, and South Sudan. May the outcomes be positive for them and their families.

 Submitted each week by Mary Marling, Elizabeth Scanlon, and Kathleen Clark of the Unity Temple Unitarian/Universalist congregation where the names are read aloud at Sunday services.                    

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