It must be harder to collect 375 legitimate voter signatures for a petition in River Forest than it looks: The folks who were attempting to get an advisory referendum on a township-village government merger on the November ballot just went over the cliff.  

Opponents of the vote (i.e., supporters of the current township system) were prepared with a range of legal objections, but all it took was a thorough review of the signatures by the Cook County Clerk’s Office to make plain that vote proponents had failed.

So now we know that River Foresters have a bit of a taste for hardball politics but that at least some of them aren’t very good at its practice. 

What we don’t know — yet — is how River Foresters overall will vote when, eventually, they get a crack at this question of merging township services into village government. Township backers have been better at rear-guard action to avoid a vote than they have been at making a rational case for why River Forest, and many other towns, need this added unit of government.

We’ll wait for the vote.

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