Your column, Gail Howard’s willingness to do the interview, and her sharing of the text of her statement about the incident, are all great contributions to the continuing, sad discussion. [No longer the only one, LifeLines, Aug. 20] 

There are several Scripture verses to the effect that there is nothing hidden that will not be made known, or concealed that will not be disclosed. The sex abuse scandal is certainly a fulfillment of these verses on the negative side. That’s why I liked your column so much. [The benefit of the doubt, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Aug. 20] 

You were balanced. You seem to get it that there are many hidden positive things that must also come out before we can see others and ourselves rightly. But also that the presence of serious sin in a person’s life certainly must color any good they may have done. 

You and Gail Howard both got me, and others I’m sure, thinking about all this once more, but somehow in a new way. Thanks to you both. 

Mark Moran


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