The Andree family in the 1960s with dad, Jack, and mom, Loretta, in the center of the first row. (David Pierini/staff photographer)

As she arranged the men and women for a family photo, the photographer may not have known how rare a picture this was.

There they were, gathered on a front lawn in Oak Park last Saturday, all 12 Andree siblings together.

The most who lived together in the house at one time was 10, and the last time they were all together was 2010 for the funeral of their mother, Loretta.

“We have two gatherings a year, and we’re not all able to make it,” said Mary Darnall, who hosted her brothers and sisters and their kids for this reunion at her home on Cuyler Avenue.

The family grew up in the Detroit area and siblings are now scattered around the country, with two brothers, both priests, living at St. Michael’s rectory in Chicago.

Every Andree made sure to make it to Oak Park because the oldest son, Rev. John Andree, is battling pancreatic and lung cancer.

“John was so pleased with the gathering; it warmed my heart to see him so happy,” Darnall said.

“There were no tearful goodbyes, just grateful hearts for this time that we will always cherish.”

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David Pierini

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