While misunderstanding my perspective on Hamas, I very much appreciate the information Alan Peres provided in his Viewpoints letter More ‘education’ on the Israel-Gaza conflict, Aug. 20] on the firing of rockets by Hamas from civilian areas. (It was not that I “doubted” that Hamas did so, but rather that I felt I lacked information to know one way or the other, and doubted whether the mainstream media was doing more than repeating Israeli talking points.) Peres quotes news sources that sound reliable but, it seems to me, are not widely distributed. I think of myself as reasonably well informed but regret that such factual data has not been reported in the more widely available resources that I read and watch.

I am less persuaded by Peres’ efforts at minimizing the deaths of civilians, particularly women and children, in Gaza and was altogether disheartened by the comments of Vladimir and Marina Tsesis [Why Hamas deserves what it’s getting, Viewpoints, Aug. 20]. Once again: it is not that much of what they say is not true, but that it is not the only truth. Did Hamas start this latest violence when it began rocket attacks on Israel? 

Yes and no. It is certainly better for prison guards when prisoners go about their daily lives of incarceration quietly and obediently. But is it a surprise when, from time to time, they lash out? But why are the prisoners incarcerated in the first place? Did they not bring it upon themselves? Yes and no. And so it goes, in this tragic, seemingly endless, conflict.

Ron Moline

Oak Park

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