Last week, Carolyn and I went to Buzz Café on Tuesday night to attend a discussion given by the Peace Corps (yes, we’re considering that; senior citizens are making up a growing percentage of this volunteer group).

Afterwards, we were walking back to the car and Carolyn suggested we go to Trattoria 225 for dinner. We hadn’t been in a while, so I thought, Why not?

We ordered a pizza and salad to share, and then the server mentioned to us, “You know, you get two pizzas for the price of one,” and so I thought again, Why not? “We can even box it for you to take home,” she added, helpfully.

Our first pizza was topped with goat cheese, fennel sausage and pesto, which was a good combo, all very complementary flavors, and our second pie had roast pepper, caramelized onion and spicy sausage. I liked both pizzas and the crust on them was better than I remember. It seemed there was a point in the past, perhaps before the place changed hands, that Trattoria 225 was using pre-made pizza crust; the crust on our pizza was clearly hand-made, fresh and good.

For both pizzas, $16, eight bucks each. Not bad at all.

Glancing around the dining room, it looked like a lot of people were eating one pizza in the restaurant and taking home the “free” one. We followed that lead.

Leaving, we noticed the dining room had a number of empty tables, and that’s too bad because on Tuesdays, Trattoria 225 is offering the best pizza deal in town.

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David Hammond

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