Screw-cap wine used to be a punchline, a downscale fixture on a high-end beverage.

Then we found out that screw-caps were actually an excellent way – perhaps an even better way than corks – to keep wine from oxidizing and taking on off-flavors.

Now, Union Wine of Oregon is putting their wine in cans, which is likely to lift some eyebrows. But why the heck shouldn’t wine be in cans.

I can tell you one reason why: if you drink wine directly from the can, you may get a slightly metallic taste in your mouth. But honestly, it’s for that same reason that I try not to drink beer from a can.  A glass is a more pleasant way to drink beer, wine, anything, plus in a glass, you can “nose” the wine, which you can’t if it’s in a can.

Aside from that, there are other good reasons to prefer wine in cans. Here are four benefits that came immediately to mind as I enjoyed a glass of wine I just poured from a can: 

  • Cans are easier to store – bottles take up a lot of space in the refrigerator; cans stack
  • With cans, there’s no chance of breakage – if you’re going on a picnic or otherwise traveling, the can won’t shatter and spill its colorful contents
  • In those areas where bottles are not allowed (beaches, pools, etc.), you can bring the cans
  • Like the screw-cap, the can provides an airtight container for the wine

Union Wine currently cans a pinot noir and a pinot gris.

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