On Sunday, Aug. 3rd, a man came to our door with a petition for the villagers to vote in the November election on keeping the River Forest Township. Surprisingly, this person was not even a resident of the village. He was doing this as a “favor” for a friend. 

Before you consider supporting the effort to merge with village hall, please be aware that the village will not be able to do all that the township does. The township assists those who want to appeal and lower property tax assessments, provides a list of comparable properties, checks and files the appeals without any fees. Plus, there is more that the township does. Check it out at: http://www.riverforesttownship.org. 

Pamela Kende and her staff have been of great assistance to my mother, who has been a resident here for 62 years. Pam has helped her file for Senior Exemption, Homestead, and property tax reduction for more than 10 years. 

Laurel Ahlenius

River Forest resident for 60 years

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