President Abu-Taleb, an independent, wants a robust two-party system in Oak Park. In addition, he wants public funding of campaigns. Then, according to Dan Haley’s column, he endorses the two sitting VMA Trustees and lauds the VMA. 

Perhaps the VMA will find others more qualified. Perhaps they will slate the newest trustee, too. Perhaps the concept of being an independent leader is misunderstood by the President. Perhaps he wants a narrow field of candidates. 

President Pope, an independent, endorsed VMA slates and ran on their dime for re-election. So is this a repeat performance? 

The President can endorse whomever he wants to, and he can build alliances. His memory is very short. The VMA tried to crush him by attacking his moral character. They are lining up to defeat him for re-election. But he may be in their line, too. 

Robert Milstein

Former OP village trustee

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