Marriage is not just about love

I disagree with the main idea in your column, “A victory for love,” [Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, June 25] in reference to the legalization of homosexual marriage in Illinois.

While it’s true that love is an important part of marriage, marriage is not just about love. It is an institution that fosters the well-being of society.

For instance, if I fall in love romantically with a female under the age of 18, it doesn’t matter how strongly my feelings are for her: There are laws that prohibit me from marrying her because, as a society, we recognize the problems that arise if adults marry minors.

So it is not unreasonable to place restrictions on marriage, especially given that it is a biological reality that humans can only procreate when a man and a woman come together, and why they furthermore complement each other in physiological and psychological ways in the union of marriage. 

As such, marriage is a special and sacred institution, which has worked for thousands of years to consummate love and also bring up children in a loving, nurturing way that allows them to fully function and flourish in the world.

Marriage is about love, and so much more.

Paul Rubio

Oak Park

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