Oak Park’s long dance with liquor service may take a new twist tonight or the village board could just say, “Never mind.”

An issue at this evening’s board meeting is whether Trustee Peter Barber was serious earlier this month when during yet another minor tweak to Oak Park’s liquor ordinance — this one allowing local restaurants to serve a cocktail with weekend brunch – he seemed to ask village staff to explore simply allowing bars in the village.

On tonight’s agenda is a request from Village Manager Cara Pavlicek “seeking confirmation” that that is what Barber said and that his fellow trustees are open to the possibility. If trustees approve the request it would be referred to the village’s Liquor Control Review Board for consideration.

Village code “does not contain a liquor license classification to allow establishments that primarily offer alcoholic beverages for sale and consumption on the premises,” according to the agenda item.

Barber could not immediately be reached for comment.

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