Oak Park Police have released images of two men suspected of committing armed robbery Monday afternoon in the 200 block of Clinton Ave.

The victim of the robbery said he was approached by two men at about 4:30 p.m. as he exited the rear of his residence. The men reportedly held the victim at gunpoint, took his wallet and cellphone and demanded his personal identification number (PIN) for his bank card.

Police report that one of the suspects gave the bank card to an accomplice or accomplices, who attempted to withdraw money at ATM machines at Tasty Dog, 708 Lake St., and a 7-11 convenience store, 661 South Blvd. The victim remained held at gunpoint, as the accomplice or accomplices withdrew money from the ATM, according to police.

The victim described the two robbery suspects as black men in their 20s, one about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and the other about 6 feet tall. The taller of the two was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, while the other wore a white baseball hat with a red brim and the word Chicago written on the front, a white T-shirt gray sweatpants, black and neon green gym shoes and a silver chain with a cross.

Oak Park police believe that as many as four people may have been involved in the armed robbery. The victim, however, only saw two suspects. 

Police have released still shots taken from video surveillance cameras at one of the ATM machines identifying the suspects.

Anyone information about the suspects can contact police detectives at 708-358-5511 or make anonymous tips by calling 708-434-1636 or online at www.oak-park.us/police.


This story was edited to reveal that the Oak Park Police released images of two men suspected in an armed robbery on July 14 on the 200 block of Clinton Ave. The original story reported that images of four men had been released.

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