The figures cited for “administration” in Deb Kadin’s on-line article and later her published article [On eve of confab, a look at RF Township administrative costs, News, July 9] may be misleading when comparing costs across different taxing units of River Forest. 

I have participated in discussions among Oak Park taxing units trying to compare costs across different budget categories. The outcome always seems to be one of comparing apples and oranges. For example, how much of a teacher’s time is “administration,” dealing with reports and grading, compared to a social worker’s time keeping records and meeting with clients? Few persons in service jobs do work in just one budget category. Personnel who primarily serve clients often overlap in function with those who primarily do administrative tasks. 

At Oak Park Township, our best estimate for administration of Youth Services (serving by intergovernmental agreements all taxing units — villages, schools, parks, libraries and townships — in both Oak Park and River Forest) is 26%, based on the activities of one full-time administrative assistant and the part-time administration of two (of six) other employees.

A point of further clarification about Oak Park Township services to River Forest youth is that over 70 individuals and their families were served in FY2014 (April 2013-March 2014) through four programs alone: Youth Interventionists working directly with youth and families, Face-It classes on substance abuse education, TIME community service for offenders, and Motivational Mentoring in middle and high school. 

Additional services to all of Oak Park and River Forest partner units on unsupervised youth activities include information sharing, consultation, staff training and coordinated action, ultimately helping many youth make better life decisions and preventing the civil strife caused by antisocial behavior.

David Boulanger

Supervisor, Oak Park Township

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