One of Anan’s charming assets is his seeming distaste for detail, at least to the extent that it interferes with forward movement. I felt the same frustration with the process many years ago when I had to wait an entire year before being appointed to the Forestry Commission. The vetting process seemed a way to put everyone in his place (“This ain’t easy, Bro, so don’t assume you’re gonna get in”). It even seemed elitist.

But now, upon reflection, I see that we purposely do not want to set up a system whereby one person, even the president, has the power to go beyond and “above” the process in order to appoint anyone he/she chooses. In fact, especially the president. 

Burdensome as the process is, it ensures, to a degree, the absence of behind-the-scenes favoritism in appointments by those in power.

Lanny Lutz

Oak Park

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