Every Friday, I’m doing a series of pieces on Rivet News Radio called “Eat the Weekend,” a run-down of three local restaurants at three price points.

Rivet News Radio is a customizable, downloadable app that enables you to listen to radio programs and select the kind of programs you’d like to hear…including food-focused pieces by me.

Every week I’ll provide streamlined coverage of three new places to eat. The idea is to give listeners quick ideas for where they might go to eat over the weekend.

This week, I’m focusing on the three price levels of Italian restaurants, including the nearby and much-beloved Johnnie’s (yeah, yeah, I know Italian beef is not really Italian, but so what? You got a problem with that?)

I’m working on this series with several individuals, including Oak Park’s Charley Meyerson, who is handling Rivet’s News Strategies initiative.

You can listen to this most recent segment of Eat the Weekend by clicking this line.

At the site, you can also download the Rivet News Radio app.

If you have any local favorites, please post about them here – I plan on doing an all Oak Park show soon, and I’d love to get your suggestions.

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